Do you want to contribute to Ravencoin?

How about running a full node? You can do this on any desktop, or even a Raspberry Pi.

Just install Ravencoin by downloading the binaries for any desktop (Linux, Windows, or Mac).

Set it up to run all the time. This varies from platform to platform.
  • Windows - Add Ravencoin to your Startup folder
  • Linux - Follow this, but change bitcoind to ravens
  • Mac - Choose "Raven Core" -> "Preferences", then the "Main" tab, and set "Start Raven Core on system login"


One more important step:
By default, your router will likely block all incoming connections. You need to open up port 8767 (Ravencoin default network port) to allow traffic from your router to your desktop computer.

This varies from router to router, but in general:

This will help the Ravencoin network because your node will help relay transactions and help distribute the Ravencoin blockchain to others.

We are working to make Ravencoin even more distributed, and we can use your help.