Ravencoin mining isn't for everyone, but it can be very rewarding.

What is mining? Mining is just running software on your computer that verifies Ravencoin transactions. To prevent bad actors from mining and blocking transactions, each mining computer works on a puzzle. First to solve the puzzle (each minute) gets 5000 RVN.

Most miners work together to solve the puzzle and then split the reward. This is called pool mining.
Mining works best if you have a graphics card (from NVidia or AMD). Lots of computers, especially gaming computers will have a graphics card. You can mine without a graphics card, but it is much more efficient with one.

How to mine:
* Pick a mining pool.
* Install the software.
* Add your account name, and Ravencoin address (to be rewarded), and run the software

That's it.

Here are a few pools you might try. Each will have instructions on how to get started.