Ravencoin has several different types of assets that are used for different purposes.

Assets = Issuable, and transferable tokens with a unique name in the root namespace. The first one to register a name gets it. Create as many as you want. Can be indivisible, or divisible up to 8 decimal places.
  • Example: APPLE

Sub-Assets = Tokens that you can create under a token that you own. If you own APPLE, you can create new tokens under it. Multiple levels up to 31 characters.
  • Example: APPLE/PIE
  • Example: APPLE/PIE/SLICE
  • Example: COMPANY/VOTE004

Restricted Assets = Tokens where the issuer has some super-powers to make them compliant. These are best used for Security Token Offerings (STOs), or Digital Token Offerings (DTOs) in highly regulated regions like the US. They always start with $
  • Example: $RESORT
  • Example: $A_STOCK
  • Example: $A_BOND

Admin Token = Token that ends with !, where there is only one and whoever has it can re-issue, change IPFS, create the Restricted Asset of the same name, or make their asset more divisible. This is also the only token that can broadcast a message to token holders of the same name with messaging.
  • Example 1: APPLE!
  • Example 2: APPLE/PIE!
  • Example 3: RESORT!

Unique Asset = Tokens where there is only one. These are non-fungible tokens (NFT), or "Nifties" You create them under an asset or sub-asset and they always have # in the middle:
  • Example 1: VIN#J938AJ27BC2
  • Example 2: ART#MonaLisa
  • Example 3: COLLECT#SpockFigure_1_of_42
  • COLLECT/RARE#Ohura_1_of_3

Qualifier = Token that gives you the power to apply the tag (of the same name) to Ravencoin addresses. Starts with #. Also called Tags if you’re referring to one being applied to a Ravencoin address.
  • Example: #KYCT
  • Example: #ACCRED

Tag - A "token" or "tag" that is applied to a Ravencoin address by the owner of the qualifier token of the same name. These cannot be transferred, just applied or removed to an address.
  • Example: #KYCT
  • Example: #ACCRED

Verifier String = The boolean logic assigned to a Restricted Asset that is checked (evaluated) before the Restricted Asset is transferred to an address. The logic is evaluated by looking at the tags for the receiving address.
  • Example (#KYCT | #KYCZ) & #ACCRED
  • Example: true This always passes