Ravencoin (RVN) at coin #39 on CoinMarketCap.com and has been moving up. Price at $0.0297 at 398 sats.

A bounty program is in progress. Come bash on the Ravencoin testnet and earn real RVN. Here are the rules.

The testnet has five features (Messaging, Memos, Tags, Restricted Assets, Rewards/Dividends) waiting to go live on mainnet. Messaging does not include the user interface for messaging, but does include the protocol and consensus elements.

A new Ravencoin song/video was recently released by Jaek Rock - https://youtu.be/mxykQr8QaWY It’s catchy and highlights many of the distinguishing features of Ravencoin. Be careful, this one gets stuck in your head.

Ravencoin mainnet hits block 1,000,000 on Thursday, December 5, 2019 5:31:54 AM GMT

The Ravencoin community has a new explorer with an API and asset support - https://rvn.cryptoscope.cc/ - Created by unclear#0122 and "Fantastic Team". Support these guys - Support link is on the menu. Try searching for your favorite asset name in the "Search" field in the top-left.

For any asset thats legal to trade — list, buy, sell, or trade it on RavenX.net.

Check out the new Ravencoin "halvening" clock. About every 4 years (2,100,000 blocks) the issuance of RVN cuts in half, just like it does with Bitcoin. This programmatic monetary policy will make RVN more scarce. https://ravening.nbits.dev