BLUF: New features are ready. Activation begins next week, solving a significant problem plaguing STOs. Mobile wallet is being updated for new capabilities. Price is $0.0228 per RVN, but in line with BTC drop. The RVN ecosystem has been expanding with new projects, new merchant services and new exchanges. Ravencoin reached a milestone of 2 years of continuous up-time today.

The new Ravencoin capabilities of Tags, Restricted Assets, Messaging, Memos, and Rewards are all coded and have been running on testnet for about a month. These capabilities combine to make for a powerful Security Token platform.

Testing, both internal and some external with a bounty program have been going for weeks. Known bugs have been fixed. The plan is to begin next week to allow activation of the new capabilities once 85% of the mined blocks are using the new software. The activation timetable is largely out of our control, other than education about the new capabilities, making code and binaries available, and recommending the upgrade.

One of the things holding back STOs and on-chain STO issuance has been KYC requirements for issuers, and the need to prevent token movement to anonymous holders. By combining the KYC capabilities of keiretsu portfolio company Finclusive with the tagging feature and Restricted Assets of Ravencoin, it becomes possible to ensure that tokens only move among KYCed Ravencoin addresses. This improves upon the whitelisting solution of ERC-20ish solutions, and solves a significant problem.

The price has been relatively stable when measured in Sats (1/100,000,000 of BTC), but has dropped when measured in USD along with the entire crypto-ecosystem.

Roshii is visiting SLC and helping to update the mobile wallet to fix bugs and bring compatibility with the new Restricted Asset features.

Ravencoin was launched on Jan 3, 2018, which means that today marks two years of continuous up-time for the Ravencoin network. Happy Birthday Ravencoin!

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