Ravencoin hatched on Bitcoin's ninth birthday - Jan 3, 2018. And on Nov 5, 2018, became a full-grown bird when its new asset feature activated letting you create your own assets.

Want to learn more? Read through the fun original whitepaper: https://ravencoin.org/assets/documents/Ravencoin.pdf

Want to help develop the project? Add an issue, or better yet, fix an issue and submit a pull request.

Once you've read the whitepaper, check out assets created on the Ravencoin platform: https://ravencoin.asset-explorer.net/

Maybe you want to get some RVN to hold or to use to make your own asset?

Store your RVN on a Ravencoin Wallet:

Want to chat with other Ravencoin fans (and maybe a few critics)?
Twitter: @Ravencoin

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So, if Ravencoin is decentralized, who is sending these e-mails? Ravencoin has a generous benefactor that lets some of its developers work on the open-source project. Ravencoin is owned by everyone and the source code is available to all.