This is the second letter from the Ravencoin Foundation. I hope to add a place on the Ravencoin Foundation website where these can be posted.

It has been a great couple of weeks for Ravencoin and a lot has changed for Ravencoin in the last few weeks.

The foundation has held weekly board meetings. We make meeting notes public here. These will be a week or two behind because they're not published until the previous week's meeting minutes are approved.

The foundation is now helping to coordinate development bounties. There isn't a development team in the foundation. There may be someday, but currently the foundation is coordinating proposals, donations, approval of pull requests, and payments from the donations. This can also be done through Gitcoin, and others in the Ravencoin ecosystem are working in that direction. If you're a developer, choose from either, or both.

The most recent development of adding P2SH support for assets is code complete and is just waiting for a security review. This important update will provide the needed technical capabilities for Ravencoin assets to be added to AtomicDEX and for multisig support for Ravencoin asset storage. We're currently working on additional estimates for a third-party security review for this important code addition.

We're beginning to plan a virtual Ravencoin Meetup. COVID set back our plans last year for our annual meetup. Stay tuned for more information. It will likely be held using which is a VR environment that also lets you connect with a Desktop/Laptop or mobile phone if you don't have a VR headset. The Quest 2 which doesn't need a computer is $299, is a good choice to join using VR, but most other VR headsets will work.

The Ravencoin Foundation board held their last board meeting in, and I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Participants show up with their own face, but as a legless torso with simulated arms and the arms don't always look natural. It led to some amusing moments with arms protruding from our faces when controllers were set down. Imagine listening to a serious proposal or motion to vote from someone with a forearm sticking out of their forehead.

On the legal evaluation of the network-derived funding to support the foundation, Josh Lawler at the law firm Zuber Lawler has generously agreed to analyze this option and give an opinion on the legal impact. This is being done "pro bono" (for free) which is amazing, extremely unusual, and very helpful for the foundation. Thank you to Josh Lawler and to Sarah Fernandez. We expect to see the results of the analysis over the next few weeks.

The price of RVN recently hit its all time high. While we don't focus directly on the price, it is an excellent proxy for the value of the Ravencoin ecosystem activities and is also influenced by the crypto market in general. In this case, we have both. Everyone who held RVN is up. Thanks for being a part of this amazing project and participating in the community.

People have reached out and asked me why the price is going up. My answer? Hard to say whether it is part of the general bull market, the possibility of a Coinbase listing, the new foundation, the generous donations to the foundation, the P2SH modification allowing new capabilities for assets like multi-sig and cross-chain operations, the Tinaga Land Resort tokenization, the Millennium Sapphire tokenization, the acknowledgment that $RVN can outperform $DOGE, or maybe some of all of these.

With the new all time high $RVN price, I've also been asked a lot recently about where to buy RVN. Here's a list.

The board has discussed and approved a crypto treasury management policy of balancing the crypto accounts between RVN, BTC, and a stable coin. This is to remove some volatility and allow the foundation to meet its obligations for proposal payments which are priced in USD.

The website and proposal README have been updated to allow others to submit proposals for development.

If you want to contact the Ravencoin Foundation, use

Tron Black
President, Ravencoin Foundation